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Want to buy a vape? But can’t see the forest for the trees? Then you’ve come to the right place at Vapekings! We’ll be happy to help you choose the vape that fits your vapor style.

Buy the best vape

The best vape is different for everyone! In fact, there are many models. All of these models have different effects. Before you know which model is best to buy, you will need to be able to answer the following questions for yourself.

  • Do you want to inhale MTL or DL?
    • MTL stands for Mouth To Lung. This way is the same as inhaling a cigarette.
    • DL stands for Direct Lung (direct to the lung). This is similar to inhaling from a bong.
  • What needs or requirements should the vape meet?
    • Consider the following examples:
      1. Do you want to buy a small vape or a slightly larger one?
      2. Do you find it convenient to be able to set it up? Or do you just want to keep it simple?
      3. Should it be fillable from above?
      4. Do you want an automatic inhaler system? Or rather work with a button?
  • Think for yourself how much you would like to spend.

Now that you’ve answered these questions for yourself, you’ll get some idea of what vape you’d like to have. But before you buy one it is helpful to learn a few more things. Including the operation of a vape.

How does a vape work?

De onderdelen van een vape.

A vape consists of two parts, the battery and tank. The battery is also called a Box mod. This ensures that the tank receives a certain wattage of power so that vapor is released. The tank is the top piece where the liquid e-liquid goes in. Inside the tank is a heating element, this is called the coil. This coil consists of a filament and cotton. The cotton, after filling the tank with e-liquid, absorbs the liquid. As the battery heats the filament, the liquid will evaporate. So this is how a vape or e-cigarette works. E-cigarette is another word for vape. Want to go a little deeper into how an e-cigarette works? Then take a look at our detailed explanation by clicking here or continue reading on this page.

Different types

The vape comes in many shapes and sizes. So it’s helpful to know what types there are. This way you can be sure that the type of vape you are going to buy will meet your expectations.

  • Pen style vape
    • This species is simple to use and small in size. Available for both MTL and DL use.
  • Box mod set
    • A box mod is highly sophisticated and suitable for both the advanced vaper and the beginner. This set is adjustable and available for MTL and DL use.
  • Pod set
    • In our opinion, the Pod vape is the best option for the smoker who wants to replace their cigarette. Pod sets are the most user-friendly and have the least maintenance.
  • Disposable e-cigarette
    • Disposable e-cigarettes are for single use. From this vape, you can get a certain number of puffs. When it runs out you can throw it away. They are very small and require no maintenance.

All of the above vape types are complete and ready to use. You will only need liquid to fill it with.

Maintaining your vape

When you go to buy a complete vape set you can almost get started. You will, in fact, need a few more things so that you can continue to use it properly. After all, your vape needs regular maintenance. Maintenance depends on the species. As we discussed earlier, a pod set requires less maintenance than, say, a box mod. But what exactly do you guys mean by maintenance? We will explain that briefly.

As stated earlier, the vape operates on a coil. This coil is in the tank. The cotton and filament in the coil runs out. When you need to change the coil you can tell by the taste and vapor. If the vapor is less or you get a burnt taste. Then you will need to replace the coil, this is usually after two weeks. Each model has a different type of coil. You can also buy these coils for your vape from us. In addition to the coil, you will also need to replenish the liquid. This liquid is called e-liquid. It is important to refill the tank at a time when the e-liquid is almost depleted. This is very important for the coil. This is because when the coil has no liquid in it and you take a pull, it burns out. This creates the bandaged taste and so you will need to replace the coil.

Buy vape liquid

The liquid for use in a vape is called e-liquid. You cannot use the vape without e-liquid. This liquid comes in many types and brands. Each variety has its own flavor and each brand has put its own twist on it. Thus, we have a range of over 500 flavors from more than 20 brands. But beware: not every liquid is suitable for your model. This has to do with the basic ratio of e-liquid and nicotine strength. In fact, a DL model uses different e-liquid than an MTL model. Want to know what liquid you can buy for your vape? Click here or contact our customer service. Our experts will be happy to help you!

Vaping without nicotine

There is no nicotine in a vape, which is helpful to know. This is because the nicotine is in the liquid (e-liquid). This liquid is available in multiple strengths, such as 3mg, 6mg and 12mg. But this liquid is also available nicotine free. All 0mg variants of the liquid are nicotine free. So if you want to vaporize nicotine free, you don’t have to buy a nicotine free vape specifically. So you will have to use only nicotine free liquid.

Tips for buying a vape

We at Vapekings have years of vape experience. As a result, we have gained a great deal of knowledge. We will provide a few helpful tips, which may help you buy the vape that suits you.

  • Think carefully about why you want to buy the vape. Do you want to quit smoking? Then try an MTL model with nicotine. Do you do it more for the vapor and flavor? Then look for a DL model.
  • Make sure there is always enough liquid in it. If this is not the case, when you take a pull the coil will burn out.
  • Does your vape work with a button? Then it’s important not to press it until you inhale. Doing this too soon can cause the coil to clog or burn out.
  • Check carefully in advance whether you are going to buy a DL or MTL model. If you use an MTL model, DL can burn out the coil. When you use a DL model MTL, the vapor can be very hot and the vape can leak or splatter.
  • Choose a flavor that seems delicious to you. After all, tastes are very personal. What tastes good to one person may taste a lot less good to another.
  • When you have a vape that works on a button, it is helpful to turn it off when you are not using it. The button can be accidentally pressed in your pocket or bag. This can cause the coil to clog or leak.
  • Buying a vape can sometimes be complicated. Therefore, feel free to ask one of our experts for advice. The experts have the necessary knowledge and are familiar with each model.
  • Take a short break of 3 to 5 seconds between your pulls. If you take too many pulls in quick succession, the coil can burn out.

The first use

You now know which vape you can go out and buy. But what to do when you get these in. With each model you get a manual. It is wise to take a moment to review these, as each model is different. We will explain a few general actions, which apply to any vape.

It is helpful to see what coil is in it. In fact, vapes often come with different coils. Sometimes one for DL and one for MTL. Then use the coil that suits your vapor style. If you have an adjustable model, the coil will have the recommended wattage setting on it. We recommend you stick with these for the best vape experience. After the coil is back in the tank, you can fill it with e-liquid. It is very important after filling to give the coil some time to absorb the liquid. This takes between 5 and 10 minutes and is only necessary for a new coil.

If the vape’s air supply is adjustable, you can adjust it to your liking. It will always need to be partially or fully open for the best vapor experience. Then inhale in the manner for which the model is appropriate. If your model operates on a button, it is important to press it only at the moment you take the retrieve. If you do this too soon, it can get very hot or splash. After you have followed the above steps you can start using the vape.

Why Vapekings?

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