It is very important to choose the E-cigarette that suits your vapour style. There are many different types of electric cigarettes. Before you can make the right choice, it is useful to know a bit more about the different species. In this article we will elaborate on these types of electric cigarettes. This information will help you make the right choice.

Different types of E-cigarettes

E-cigarettes come in different shapes and sizes. This can make choosing the right E-cigarette difficult. Because they come in different options, there is the right electric cigarette for each vaporizer. Every species has its advantages. Below we will name the different species.

Inhale MTL and DL

Every electric cigarette has its own effect. This effect can be divided into two ways of inhaling. These ways are MTL and DL. MTL stands for mouth to lung, which is equivalent to inhaling a cigarette. DL stands for direct lung, this is very similar to inhaling a bong. When choosing the right E-cigarette this is the most important part. As soon as the choice is made for MTL or DL, you know which sets you can watch. For each complete set we indicate whether the set is suitable for MTL or DL use. Click here for more information about MTL and DL.

Sub-Ohm E-cigaretteten

Sub-Ohm is a term often used with E-cigarette. Electronic cigarettes using the sub-Ohm technique have a lower resistance than 1 Ohm. Because the resistance is lower, the coil can handle more power. This gives these sets more vapour and taste. By contrast, these sets consume more e-liquid. Therefore, these are often DL Modelles. Because the resistance is lower, the coil can handle more power. Sub-Ohm is a recommended choice for anyone looking for a more powerful E-cigarette. These sets give more vapour than you are used to from a cigarette.

POD sets E-cigaretteten

If you are going to choose a E-cigarette that looks like a regular cigarette the POD sets are the best choice. The POD sets are E-cigarette with a disposable reservoir. The reservoir is better known as POD. The POD contains an evaporator (coil). Most PODs can be refilled with e-liquid. When the coil needs replacing you can throw away the POD and place a new one. This makes a POD system very simple in maintainance. It is also possible to change tastes easily. When you fill several PODs with e-liquid you can alternate them. Often the POD sets have an automatic inhalation system. This way you won’t have to press a button to take a puff. So this looks very much like a regular cigarette.

Box Mod sets

A Box Mod set is an adjustable E-cigarette. This type of electric cigarette consists of a Box Mod and a tank (clearomizer). The Box Mod has many advantages. Because the wattage of a box Mod can be set, it can be adjusted to the wishes of the user. The box Mods are often a lot more powerful than regular sets. This gives them more vapour and taste than regular electric cigarettes. Box Mod E-cigarette sets are the right choice for the experienced vaporizers.

Choosing the correct E-cigarette

While choosing the right E-cigarette you want to ask yourself the following questions. As indicated above, it is first of all important to know which way of inhaling suits you. Then the format is discussed. A Box Mod set is a larger than a Pen style or POD set. The budget is also important. How much are you willing to spend on the set? The next question you want to ask yourself is. Do you want to be able to set the electric cigarette? With an adjustable set you can adjust the vapour production exactly to your wishes. This is often less user-friendly for beginners. Simply look for a E-cigarette that looks like a regular cigarette. Then the POD sets are highly recommended because of their user friendliness.

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