You’ve probably seen it pass by; the Shake & Vape concentrates. But what exactly is that? A Shake & Vape is actually the same as a concentrated e-liquid, the taste of which is too strong to use immediately. Don’t you understand? Don’t worry, in this article we explain how this works.

What is Shake & Vape

As mentioned above, the Shake & Vape is a concentrated e-liquid. An e-liquid consists of base, flavouring and possibly nicotine. A Shake and Vape contains too high a percentage of flavouring compared to the base. Therefore, this liquid should be applied with base or a nicotine booster. As soon as you add and shake one of these, the S&V is ready to use! So said, so done.

Why Shake & Vape

Shake & Vape was conceived as an alternative to Dutch legislation. This law prescribes that nicotine-containing e-liquid may only be sold in 10 ml or smaller. Because there is 10 ml space left in the bottle, you can add the nicotine yourself. This makes it possible to make a larger bottle of e-liquid yourself. Many well-known brands worldwide choose to make only S&V. Because of this, the range of flavours is very large.

Nicotine or nicotine free?

It is possible to use the S&V free of nicotine as well as nicotine. When you want nicotine free fumes, add base. Want some nicotine fumes? Then add a nicotine booster. It is possible to make different nicotine strengths. The strength has to do with the nicotine booster that is added. In the overview below you can see what strength the Shake & Vape will become.

Base or nicotine booster (10 ml)Nicotine level (50 ml)
0 mg (base)0 mg
6 mg (nicotine booster)1 mg
12 mg (nicotine booster)2 mg
18 mg (nicotine booster)3 mg
20 mg (nicotine booster)3.33 mg
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