The widely used ”Vape-language”. We will briefly explain MTL and DL. When looking for a E-cigarette or Vape it is important to know what effect you want from the device. This is often indicated in MTL and DL use.

MTL – Mouth To Lung

MTL stands for Mouth To Lung. This means that it is a E-cigarette and must be inhaled from the mouth to the lung. The same way as inhaling a regular cigarette.

DL – Direct Lung

DL stands for Direct Lung. This means that the Vape is intended for a lot of vapour and has to be inhaled by doing it to the lungs at once. This is like taking a deep breath. For DL devices we recommend to go for at least 60% VG e-liquid. The basis of e-liquid consists of VG and PG. We recommend using 3mg or less/no nicotine in DL devices.

MTL & DL Ratings with each set

Inhalation : The way of inhaling is indicated here, the following scores will be based on it.

vapour Vapour production based on the method of inhalation with a maximum achievable score of

Battery The battery life based on the method of inhalation with a maximum achievable score of

Taste The taste based on the way of inhaling with a maximum achievable score of

Consequences of misuse MTL/DL

If you use an MTL device like DL, the coil will burn out almost immediately and not work properly. If you use a DL device like MTL the coil will clog up and splash. It is possible that the Vape/E-cigarette will leak if misused. So always make sure that the chosen product matches your vapour style.

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